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Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger in 2014 between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer and indexable specialist Pramet. 

The strengths of each company were combined to create a single platform, providing customers with access to a wide range of high quality, fit-for-purpose products including hole-making, milling, turning and threading tools.
Our ambition is to be the leading global supplier of metal cutting tools to the general engineering industry by 2020.

With 20 offices worldwide serving over 100 countries, production facilities in Europe and South America and a highly developed logistics network, we offer truly global coverage.

Our Offer

We have one of the widest - if not the widest - product portfolios in the market. Our range includes both round tools - provided under the Dormer brand - and cemented carbide indexable tools - provided under the Pramet brand.

With a focus on consistency, quality and versatility our offer covers from High Speed Steel to solid carbide and from general purpose to high-performance application tooling. As a result, our products are used in a diverse range of industries all over the world, from maintenance departments and fabrication workshops to international suppliers for the railway, automotive and aerospace industries.

In addition to the core ranges detailed below we also offer boring toolscarbide burrsreamers and countersinks and cutting lubricants.

Services Dormer Pramet Provide

What we offer


Our indexable turning tools cover a wide range of operations including general turning (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading, as well as heavy turning.


Our indexable milling range features a choice of grades including MT-CVD and PVD coated options, with multiple geometries for finishing, roughing and universal applications.


Our offer covers a wide range of drilling requirements ranging from below 1.0mm to over 100mm. This includes a broad indexable program with numerous grades and geometries for both central and peripheral inserts.


Our rotary threading tools cater for a variety of chamfer lengths and thread forms in both hand and machine applications. This includes general purpose taps, multi-material and material-specific taps, fluteless taps and thread milling cutters.

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